Environmental Compliance

The solid waste industry is heavily regulated by multiple agencies. Waste Management is committed to meeting and or exceeding all regulatory requirements. Each facility is maintained carefully with a goal to meet or exceed federal, state and local regulations. Mill Seat Landfill is required to maintain and satisfy a number of environmental permits. 

Monitoring Program

In accordance with the NYSDEC Part 360 permit, Mill Seat Landfill monitors groundwater, surface water and the air at the facility.  Groundwater monitoring is completed quarterly through a network of perimeter monitoring wells.  Landfill gas is monitored in accordance with the Title V permit.  Leachate discharged to the sewer is also monitored monthly. Stormwater is sampled and analyzed annually

NYSDEC Oversight

In accordance with Mill Seat Landfill's NYSDEC Permit Number 8, Mill Seat is required to maintain a sum of money for funding environmental compliance activities related to the construction and operation of the landfill. A full-time on-site monitor is assigned to Mill Seat Landfill. Duties include the following:

  • Observation of the construction and operation at the landfill to ensure that it is in accordance with the Part 360 Permit, approved engineering plans and reports and applicable regulations
  • Visual inspection of the incoming waste as needed
  • Providing guidance to the landfill personnel on operational procedures that work successfully at other landfills
  • Monitoring the site on a daily basis