Special Information on Asbestos

Asbestos containing waste by definition is any waste containing 1 percent or more asbestos. Friable asbestos waste contains more than 1 percent asbestos and can be crumbled, pulverized or recued to powder under hand pressure. This type of asbestos waste is heavily regulated by the EPA, NYSDEC, NYSDOL and OSHA. Examples of friable asbestos waste include pipe insulation and boiler wrap.

Conditions for hauling and disposal are:

24-hour notification to Mill Seat Landfill Scale Clerk at 585-512-2465

DOT placarding on four sides of the container (DOT regulation)

Class 9 on opposing two sides near the closure of the container as required by DOT

Waste Shipment Record (Manifest) requirements;
                    1. Full address on generator, abatement contractor
                    2. Emergency phone number in the event of a spill
                    3. DOT shipping information MUST READ: Asbestos, 9, NA2212, III, RQ
                    4. All information must be printed or typed
                    5. Signatures where appropriate 

Transporter must display a sign when unloading at the landfill and it must read: 
 "Danger, Asbestos Dust Hazard. Cancer and Lung Disease Hazard. Authorized Personnel Only"

Material must be double bagged in bags with label, packaged, and transported in accordance with OSHA (1910-1001, 1910-1200), DOT 49 CFR and National Emission Standards for Asbestos NESHAPS (Subpart M). Each bag must have label with the generator's name and address.

Bulk loads must be properly wetted and packaged in accordance with DOT and EPA regulations.

Transporter must be trained in accordance with OSHA, DOT, and NESHAPS

Disposed of in a trench between 8:00am and 2:00pm

Non-perforated tarp or enclosed container required

Must list Mill Seat Landfill on Waste Transporter Permit

Non-Friable Asbestos
Non-friable asbestos waste contains asbestos in a bonded state that cannot be crumbled to release asbestos fibers. Examples are: Vinyl floor tile, house siding and some built-up roof applications. The EPA, NYSDEC and OSHA do not consider non-friable material to be regulated unless it has been cut or sanded in such a manner that fibers could be released. In general, material containing non-friable asbestos is treated as either C&D or MSW that must be disposed of in the landfill.