Vehicle routing shall be such to minimize use of NYS Routes 19, 33, 33A and 36 for access to the Mill Seat Landfill. Specific routing information may be requested of the hauler by WMNY for each truck entering the site. Modifications to the routing information shall be presented to the Landfill's Citizen's Advisory Board for their endorsement.

The following general routing criteria shall apply for vehicles destined to the Mill Seat Landfill for disposal of waste:

  • Local Collection Zone (LCZ)- Within Monroe County, it is bordered on the east by Routes 259/170 (Union Street); on the south by the Monroe/Livingston County Line; on the west by the Genesee/Monroe County Line; and on the north by County Route 119 (West Side Drive), county Route 167 (Dewey Street) and County Route 235 (Reed Road). Also included are the Town of Bergen and the Village of Bergen, in Genesee County. Only local collection routes (i.e. 2/3 of load collected from witn LCZ) and special waste haulers coming from sites within the LCZ shall be allowed within this area.
  • Outside LCZ-Local collection routes exclusive to the area outside of the Local Collection Zone (i.e. 1/3 of load colelcted from within LCZ) and special waste haulers coming from sites outside of the LCZ shall enter I-490 no further to the west than NYS Route 259 (Exit 4). All vehicles shall make every effort to access major highways utilizing major arterial routes. Transfer trailers shall utilize I-490. All vehicles entering or exiting the landfill from this area shall utilize the section of NYS Route 33A between I-490 (exit 2) and Brew Road. Any collection route(s) contained exclusively outside of the local collection zone shall not be allowed to transverse the local collection zone.

When returning to the hauler's yard after discharging a load, the vehicle shall utilize I-490 (Exit 2) and shall not travel on NYS Routes 33, 33A, 19, and 36.

Any deviation of routing without WMNY's prior permission may result in user privileges being rescinded.