mill seat expansion

Mill Seat Expansion

Mill Seat Landfill recently received all state and federal permits for an expansion, adding 30 years and 27 million bank cubic yards of airspace to the facility. As the current 98.6 acre facility nears capacity, the newly permitted 120% expansion provides relief though an additional 118 acres of landfill footprint.

Waste Management has operated Mill Seat Landfill since 2002, adding a renewable energy facility in 2007. A community wide survey conducted by the Town of Riga in 2008 showed that 70% of residents were in favor of an expansion at Mill Seat Landfill. In 2011, Host Community Agreements were modified, recognizing the potential for a landfill expansion. The formal permitting process began in May 2013 and in just under four years, all permits were received. With the expansion comes a 13-year disposal contract with the City of Rochester and Monroe County totaling more than $115 Million.

Senior District Manager, Jeff Richardson says, “Landfills are community based. Our landfill line of business will not have a future without the community’s support. Our success at Mill Seat is a testament to the fact that quality community relations and grassroots efforts can drive real business value.” The Town of Riga’s 2017 Comprehensive Plan recognizes that “The Mill Seat Landfill has a history of being a good neighbor” and the Waste Management team at Mill Seat Landfill looks forward to a bright future thanks to this major expansion effort.